Across the Food Map

The Museums of Billund Municipality would like to invite all international as well as national citizens in Billund Municipality to an evening of exploring tastes. The event will take place on 1st June from 6pm to 9pm at Museum Center Karensminde.
Billund Municipality is a multicultural village with nationalities from around the globe. The museum would like to celebrate this, by hosting an evening of cooking for and with each other to learn about culture and history in other countries.

– We have a large international community in Billund Municipality, and as an institution that has cultural history as our prime focus, the museum looks forward to discussing the international perspective on Danish society and living in Billund Municipality; this way we help each other become aware of our shared cultural history within the municipality, says Ole Bisbjerg, leader of museum, libraries and citizen service in Billund Municipality.

In collaboration with Karensmindes Venner, the museum will contribute with old-fashioned Danish home cooking and the idea is that all attendees each bring a dish from their country’s cuisine for approximately 5-7 people, to put together a buffet of tastes from around the world.

For practical reasons, it is necessary to sign up for this event before 15th May. This can be done by writing an e-mail to There is no entrance fee, if you bring a dish. Children are welcome too.

As a presenter of Danish cultural history, the museum looks forward to hearing the international take on the Danish society and what it is like to live as an international in Billund Municipality.